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Things To Never Say To A Curly Girl

by Chelsea Castonguay
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While everyone likes to get a compliment, there are often things said to curly girls that can come across as less than complimentary. Whether it's a thinly veiled insult, trying to navigate others' ignorance or a backhanded compliment, it can feel wearisome to have to spend time educating others. We're going to do some of the work for you and offer our suggestions for things you should never say to a curly girl.

Your twists or braids look like {insert celebrity's name]:

While most celebs have gorgeous styles, it doesn't mean we all look alike.

Do you ever comb your hair?

The answer to this is most likely no, and also it's rude. This implies that we look disheveled or that our curls should look someway other than they do. Guess what? We like our look.

Can I touch your curls?

This is usually asked after people have already touched our curls. If you're considering stroking a stranger's hair, don't. And don't ask to touch it either.

Why don't you wear your hair straight?

We don't wear our curls straight because that's not our natural texture. We like our wild, unruly manes the same way you like your straight strands.

Don't you think it looks unprofessional?

There is nothing unprofessional about rocking my natural curls and you asking this enforces cultural stereotypes.

How do you get your curls to look like that?

If you have time, I'm happy to show you my entire curl care regime, but it does take several hours start to finish. If you wouldn't ask your straight haired friends how they got their look, don't ask us.

You're so brave to wear your natural curls!

Wait…what? Why is it brave to rock what I was born with? Seriously, please tell me why you think this is an act of bravery.


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