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Why It’s Important to Love Your Natural Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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laurie Hernandez


She's an Olympian, the youngest competitor to win Dancing With the Stars, and author. Despite all these accomplishments, Laurie Hernandez has also become an icon for naturally curly hair. Since wearing her natural hair, Laurie has been the recipient of many compliments and comments. She has become an icon for young woman who noticed her wearing her natural hair while on the gym floor, as more girls look to her for inspiration.

In addition to connecting with her young fans, Laurie feels as though her curls make for instant friends no matter where she goes. When she sees another woman rocking her natural curls, Laurie says she feels an automatic connection with her. She feels that her curls are lots of fun, allowing her multiple ways to wear them and express herself.

As a child, Laurie noticed there weren't many other Latina women with natural curls represented in her sport, particularly in her age group. She feels that she wants to be a role model to other young girls and show them that no matter what, they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.  In addition to being a role model for young girls everywhere, Laurie is being honored with by the Jefferson Awards Foundation for her activism.  Her determination and unwillingness to quit has caught the attention of the Foundation and the nation.

Laurie plans to continue pursuing her goals, inspiring other young women to embrace their naturally curly hair and planning a walk on role on Law & Order, SVU. To read more about Laurie and her accomplishments, click here. Let us know who your curly haired role models are and share pics in the comments below!

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