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10 Truths Every Curly Girl Knows

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Every curly haired girl goes through some kind of struggle trying to get their hair to behave. However, we also know that our curls are glorious, unique and versatile. We can rock different looks, accessories and we always have great volume. We've put together of 10 undeniable truths about curly girl hair knows!

1.Each day is an adventure with curls. You literally woke up like this and you're going to own it.

2. Wash and go days are always (and we mean always) a surprise. Who knows what you'll get when you're done?

3. Haircuts can be dangerous. Most of us have fallen victim to a well meaning, but probably woefully undertrained hairstylist, and have dealt with the dreaded triangle haircut. Yuck!

4. Everyone is fascinated by curls and want to touch them. At the grocery store, the gym or school, your curls are free game for people to touch, whether or not you like it.

5. People seem to think your curls are magical. Like a unicorn. No but seriously, they just don't know how you manage to have such curly hair growing out of your head. Lucky for you, you were born that way.

6. You see other curly girls and acknowledge the struggle. When you see one of us, you want to give us a nod of solidarity, a hug or just ask us to be your new BFF. No one else understands your life with curls like we do. It's just a fact.

7. Your curls never dry fast enough. We all know that air drying our curls is best, but honestly, who has time to wait? If you go out in the cold with wet hair, you risk having ringlets of ice. In the summer, you risk turning into a frizz ball. Sometimes we just can't win!

8. There's no such thing as wake up and go. Waking up in the morning, rolling out of bed and heading out the door isn't usually an option for us curlies. Our hair usually needs to be coaxed into behaving with some water, product and maybe even a good hair elastic before we can look somewhat presentable.

9. You have tried ALL the products for curly hair. A good portion of your paycheck goes to investing in new products to try. It's sort of become an addiction for us at this point, but we're ok with it.

10. When you find a curl care regime that works, it's like striking gold. It can take quite awhile to get the right combination of deep conditioning and curl care regime but sometimes the stars align. On those days, you make sure everyone sees just how fabulous your curls are.

There you have it, curlies! If you're interested in more things only curly haired girls will understand, click here.


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