Your Dorm Room Guide To The Curly Girl Method

If you’re in college,you’re probably short on time and money. While we can’t Your Dorm Room Guide To The Curly Girl Method you out with some extra cash, we can help you save time when it comes to taking care of your curls. One of the best ways to save yourself a bundle of time is to establish a good method for caring for your curls. One of the easiest ways to do this is to try a method that’s already been tested out by others. Therefore, we give you your dorm room guide to the Curly Girl Method. This well-tested method is beloved by many curly girls, and can be done on a budget. We’re going to give you a quick breakdown on the method and what you can do to get started.

Your Dorm Room Guide To The Curly Girl Method

So what is the Curly Girl Method?

First things first. The Curly Girl Method (also known as CGM) was developed by Lorraine Massey, who owned the Devachan Salon in New York City. She’s one of the hair care world’s best authorities on curly hair, and even wrote a book about the method.

What does the Curly Girl Method do?

This method isn’t for everyone; however for those who use it, many report finding it very successful. Curly girls who have dry, damaged, frizzy curls that don’t hold their shape are often able to recover their strands. Their curls come back to life, so to speak, and are much easier to style and maintain.

Why does it work?

One of the best reasons why this method works is because Lorraine based it on science, not opinion or conjecture. She focuses on removing things from your curl care routine that can harm or damage your strands, such as sulfates. Sulfates, for example, are harmful to curls are they strip moisture and natural oils from strands, both of which curls need to stay healthy. Additionally, curly hair is simply different from straight strands. Your curls are naturally more dry, because it takes longer for your scalp’s natural oils to make their way down your curls strands.

Will your curls still get clean?

You bet! Even without sulfates, you’ll still be cleansing your curls regularly. Instead of using a detergent-based shampoo, you’ll instead be swapping it out for a cowash, which is conditioner based. This means that instead of using sulfates, or silicones, you’ll essentially be washing your hair with a product meant to hydrate your curls. Instead of stripping your strands, you’ll be infusing your hair with moisture while washing it.

Time for new products!

Finally, before you jump in it’s time to make some swaps for products. Read the ingredients lists on your products, and make sure you’ve removed anything that has silicones, parabens, artificial ingredients, dyes, or artificial fragrances. Avoiding these ingredients will help you find Curly Girl friendly products, which will help you find more success with your curls!