Winter Wash and Go Haircare for Curly Hair

winter wash and go styles for curly hair

No matter where you call home, the winter months can bring some changes for your curly hair. Have you been dreading the start of colder weather because you know it can bring frizz to your curls? We think the best defense is a good offense when it comes to curl care. We are loving this video by YouTuber MissCharmsie. She shows us how to care for our curls with a quick wash and go style perfect for chilly days. MissCharmsie describes her curls as “fine and low density”, so you may want to adjust this routine to suit your own curly hair type.

Shampoo: Pick a sulfate free shampoo to lay your groundwork. Sulfates strip curly hair of its natural moisture and oils, so toss it. If possible, consider reducing the amount of times you wash your hair per week, down to 1-2.

Condition: Utilizing a good deep conditioner will be a must for you to keep your healthy curls. You can mix and match conditioners to create your perfect formula. After washing your hair, slather your curls with your mix and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes.

Products: Select the right products for your type of curl, and consider that you might need to use heavier products during the colder months. Select the products you plan on using then apply them to your curls while you are still in the shower. This allows your wet curls to absorb the product. Products containing shea butter or healthy oils like coconut oil are ideal.

Style at night: While air drying is great for warmer months, it’s not as practical in colder weather. If you’d like to avoid using a diffuser, consider styling your curls at night. Consider using heavier products than you would in summer months, to keep moisture in your strands. Gather your curls up into the pineapple shape on the top of your head and cover. Using a satin pillowcase will help combat frizz as well. In the morning, release your curls and scrunch with slightly wet hands to reactive your products and define your curls.

Daily wear: To keep your curls going, consider massaging oils into your scalp every few days to help combat breakage. Using a leave in conditioner will also help protect your delicate ends. After a couple of days, you can also consider utilizing a protective style, such as a messy bun or braid.