Why Your Curls Are Dry

why curls are dry


Have you ever wondered why your curls are dry? Curls are almost always dry. This is because of their coiled shape. Natural oils or sebum have difficulty making its way down your curl’s shaft like it does with your straight haired friends. This means that your curls need a little extra support. Here are the reasons why your curls might be dry and what you can do about it.

Why your curls are dry:

Using Products Incorrectly:

Have you ever wanted to love a product only to realize it just really isn’t for you? If the product isn’t doing what you need it to and isn’t moisturizing your curls, pass it along. Not all products are created equally, or work well for all hair types. However, before you toss or gift your products, consider that it might work at another season. Put it on a shelf and pull it out in the summer or winter for another go.

Additionally, when styling your curls don’t overuse products. When it comes to curl care, live by the adage “less is more.” While creating your own product cocktail can help products work more efficiently, too many products can weigh down delicate strands.

Similarly, don’t underuse products. Make sure you’re following the directions on the packaging to establish a base point for the amount of products you need.

Not cleansing enough:

Ironically, if you don’t wash your curls enough they can become dry. So skipping washes for a long periods of time can lead to dryness. This is because product and oil build up will prevent natural oils from working down from your scalp, as well as forms a barrier which prevents moisturizes from penetrating your hair. Make sure you’re using a moisturizing cleanser and conditioner regularly in order to keep your curls and scalp refreshed. Apply new products after cleansing, and don’t be afraid to use a curl refreshing spray or even just water to mist your hair on between days. Learn more about taking care of your curls on wash day and How The Way You Wash Your Hair Hurts Your Curls.