Why You Should Steam Your Curls

Why You Should Steam Your Curls


Why You Should Steam Your Curls

Do you ever wish for longer, healthier curls? Trying to grow out curls can feel like it takes an eternity. Unfortunately, there can be some things working against you. When curls are dry, damaged, or frizzy, it can make it difficult to manage. However, there’s a secret weapon you can use to help your curls. Here’s why you should steam your curls.

Helps growth:

Healthy curls will grow longer, stronger, and faster. Steaming your hair helps promote healthy curl growth.

Slows breakage:

If you struggle to achieve length due to breakage, consider steaming your curls. It will help your curls stay strong.

Helps hydrate:

Curls struggle to retain moisture due to their coiled shape. Steaming can help reintroduce moisture, as well as allowing curls to retain added moisture. It does this by keeping curls from becoming dry and brittle, which is a recipe for breakage.

Cleans scalps:

In order to have healthy curls, you must have a healthy scalp. Steaming will help break up any build up or product residue left behind. Massaging your scalp with your finger tips after steaming your hair will help remove any of these products.  Not only will this allow your scalp to breathe, it will also promote growth by increasing blood flow and circulation to your scalp. This means renewed growth.

Softens strands:

Do you ever feel as though your curls are dry and frizzy? It could be because they’re overly dry and lacking moisture. As a result, steaming can help bring back lost moisture. You’ll be left with softer, more supple curls.

Better application:

If you’ve been feeling as though your favorite tried and true curl care products have been letting you down, you might want to consider steaming. This will open up the pores on your curls, allowing your products to penetrate the cuticle and into the cortex. You’ll find your products will apply more smoothly, worker harder, and last longer when applying after steaming your curls.

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