Why This Curly Girl Stopped Using The Curly Girl Method


While we talk a lot about the Curly Girl Method, we also have to acknowledge that it isn’t for everyone. As with all curls, everyone has different needs when it comes to their care. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there! This is why this curly girl stopped using the Curly Girl Method. When she realized it wasn’t a good fit for her, she went another way with her curl care needs, which is totally ok. Read on to find out why, and what she did instead.

Why This Curly Girl Stopped Using The Curly Girl Method

Curly girl Kelsey is a blogger over at Seamlinedliving.com, and she’s spent some time detailing her curly girl journey. Despite using the Curly Girl Method for the better part of a year, she ultimately decided that it wasn’t for her. This is why she walked away from the super-popular method.

Too many rules:

For those who follow the Curly Girl Method, you probably know there;s a lot of rules and regulations to help keep you on track. However, this isn’t for everyone. If you prefer a routine that has more wiggle-room or flexibility, the CGM might now be for you.

Too far between washes:

One of the benefits of the CGM can also be the downfall of this method for some curly girls. The CGM encourages several days or even weeks between washes, as washing your hair and strip your strands of natural oils. However, this can be really hard for some curly girls to go that long between washes. If you’re an athlete, or perhaps generate more oils, this can feel really restrictive. Therefore, you might want to consider finding some other options for washing your strands.

So while Kelsey ultimately decided that rigorously following the CGM, she does say she still utilizes pieces of it that work for her. When it comes to creating a curly care routine that works for you, it’s totally ok to mix and match. Remember, everyone is different, and therefore your curls are also unique. This means what works for you may or may not work for another curly girl. Do what wroks best for you!