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What You Need To Grow Healthy Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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It's incredibly frustrating when you're doing all of the things right, but still feel as thought your curls don't grow as long as you'd like. Therefore, here's what you need to grow healthy curls. Give these suggestions a go, and make sure you let us know which worked for you.

What You Need To Grow Healthy Curls

Peppermint oil:

When your curls are struggling to grow, you might want to grab some of this refreshing oil. Peppermint helps refresh your scalp, and can encourage healthy growth by bringing blood flow. You dilute peppermint oil with a bit of carrier oil, such as almond oil, and massage into the scalp.

Lavender oil:

If you're struggling to grow out your strands due to issues with dandruff or other scalp irritation, then lavender oil might be for you. It's antibacterial properties can help you defeat the dandruff or other fungal issues that might be limiting your hair growth. Apply to your scalp with a carrier oil, or add to your favorite shampoo for an extra boost.

Rosemary oil:

This oil is one of the most commonly used for hair growth. It helps stimulate the scalp, which can encourage curl growth. If you're experiencing a lack of growth on your edges, or bald spots, rosemary can help increase blood flow, which will begin allowing those strands to grow back in.

Aloe vera:

This is good for more than just slathering up your sunburns. Aloe vera is extremely hydrating, which can be helpfulw hen your curls aren't growing due to dryness or damage. It's loaded with healthy vitamins, and also will prevent your hair from over producing sebum. Therefore, your strands won't become oily or greasy.

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