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What To Know When Transitioning To Natural Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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What To Know When Transitioning To Natural Curls


Are you ready to begin transitioning to natural curls? Curly girls have a lot of reasons for wearing their hair straight. However, most eventually decide to go curly. After years of chemical treatments, there can be some damage done. Fortunately, it can often be fixed. Here's what to know when transitioning to natural curls.

What To Know When Transitioning To Natural Curls
Frequent Trims:

Getting frequent trims or cuts is crucial while transitioning to natural curls. As your ends are probably damaged, cutting them off will allow for natural, healthy hair to grow in. Get established with a curl care specialist so you can begin the process of cutting off dead ends.

Deep condition:

If you've been skipping out on deep conditioning your curls, it's time to start adding it back in. Transitioning curls need extra TLC and support during this crucial time. Deep condition your transitioning strands at least once a week.

Be gentle:

No matter what you do to your fresh curls,  make sure you're being gentle. Detangle slowly, carefully, and make sure to use product to create plenty of slip. A thick conditioner or oil can work well for this. Additionally, while protective styles can help keep strands safe, they should also be gentle. Avoid styles that will pull, tug, or put extra stress on your strands. Your curls are in an extra delicate state, so over manipulation should be avoided.

Skip heat:

While using heat can be tempting, especially turn cold winter months, avoid it while transitioning. Heat can damage new curls that are growing in, or perpetuate damage in treated strands. Allow curls to air dry as much as possible, and skip using any heat tools.

Have patience:

Like any new experience, there are going to be moments of frustration with their natural curl care experience. It's going to take time for your damaged strands to recover and your natural pattern to emerge. Make sure you cut yourself some slack during this awkward time, and be prepared to pamper your strands. There will be a learning curve, so don't beat yourself up if things don't go exactly as you plan.

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