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What to do to grow curly hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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It can feel like it takes forever to grow out curly hair. Why's that? Well, it's primarily because of the natural coiled shape of your curls. Since curls grow in a coil, it almost appears as though they are going backwards in on themselves. Therefore, when you're going to grow out your curls, you'll need to remember that it'll take longer to see results. With that being said, here's what to do to grow curly hair. Give these suggestions a try, and see if it helps your strands grow faster.

What to do to grow curly hair

Keep your scalp healthy:

If your scalp isn't healthy, you won't be able to grow out your curls, plain and simple. If your curl's follicles are clogged with oil or product build up, oxygen won't be able to get in and help facilitate growth. Therefore, you'll need to make sure you're regularly cleansing your scalp. Additionally, hot oil massages can help remove build up, and encourage blood flow to your scalp, which will increase growth.

Rice water rinses:

Who doesn't love an inexpensive way to help your curls grow? We sure do. This DIY treatment is very easy to do, and helps improve curl growth. Start by allowing rice to sit in water overnight, and then siphon off the water, separating it from the rice. Use it in the shower after shampooing to rinse your curls. This treatment will smooth, strengthen, and help manage frizz.

Protect overnight:

Believe it or not, a lot of damage can happen overnight. Start by using a satin or silk pillowcase to help keep your curls safe from moisture being wicked away. A light protective style, such as pineappling, can help keep curls from being crushed, or falling flat. A soft scrunchie will prevent your curls from developing a crease or breaking from being tied too tightly. For those with kinkier coils, a silk or satin bonnet can help prevent damage as well overnight.

Take your vitamins:

One of the keys to healthy curl growth is to make sure you're eating well, drinking plenty of water, getting sleep, and taking your vitamins. Your curls need a healthy body in order to grow, and without the right nutrients, curl growth will slow down. Therefore, if you notice your curls aren't growing well, are breaking, or seem particularly fragile, make sure you're checking in with your doctor make sure your health is in order. Good quality vitamins can help make sure your curls are staying healthy, and you'll be sure to see more tangible growth as well.

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