Wash and Go Curly Hair

Wash and Go Curly Hair Routine

Wash and Go Curly Hair Routine

What’s better than showing off your glorious curls than a style designed to make the most of every spiral and coil? Wash and go’s leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to curly hair. Want to make the most of your texture? Then make sure you follow these tips for the best curly ‘do.

Tips for Getting the Best Wash and Go on Curly Hair:

source: youtube.com @ Ashley Bloomfield

Shampoo and Condition:

To get the best results, you must start with well-conditioned, moisturized locks. Parched hair will frizz and just mess up your entire day. Follow a regular cleansing and conditioning routine, preferably with moisturizing products designed specifically for hydrating thirsty curls. If you don’t already deep condition, get into the habit of deep treating your hair a minimum of twice per month. Begin your style with a fresh shampoo and condition (and deep condition if necessary), working with wet to damp hair.

Use the Right Products:

With all the gels and mousses to choose from, what’s a curly girl to do to find her Holy Grail? You’ll probably have to endure some trial and error to find the right products. Some popular picks include the DevaCurl brand which features stylers that work on curls of all kinds: Light Defining Gel for waves or loose curls to SuperCream for very curly/coily textures. Ouidad is another brand that caters to all types of curly hair. For drugstore alternatives that give you great looks without the salon price, try OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream .

source: youtube.com @ The Glam Belle

Apply Products in Sections:

The thicker your hair, the more important this tip becomes. You want even product application and you just can’t get it if you slather your gel or mousse on the top layer of your hair. Having plastic clips in your collection is useful for sectioning. Use clips to hold the rest of your hair out of the way as you work on one section at a time. Work in four sections or more to ensure even coverage. Any curls that don’t get covered with product are more likely to frizz.

source: youtube.com @ Mariah Leeanne

Diffuse for Volume:

While diffusing isn’t an essential, it’s incredibly helpful for giving your curls lots of volume, whether or not you’re interested in speeding up your drying time. To scrunch or not to scrunch? That’s really up to you. Some women find that scrunching helps to give their curls more shape, but it’s usually more of a necessity for women with more of a wave pattern than extreme curls. If you decide to diffuse, make sure you move your dryer constantly and keep the heat on low to medium, with a medium airflow.

source: youtube.com @ CurlyPenny

Once you settle on a good wash and go routine, your curls will probably look fabulous and last all day, with very little frizz. It can take some experimenting to find the perfect regimen for your unique hair, but when you have the right products and care program in place, your gorgeous curly texture is sure to shine through.