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Try This Wash And Go For Moisturized Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Wash and gos are super popular with curly girls, primary because they don't require a ton of styling and time. However, there are some routines that you might find leave your curls a bit dry, or distressed. As a result, you should try this wash and go for moisturized curls. Beauty guru Lapiz walks us through what she does to get beautiful and moisturized wash and go styles.

Try This Wash And Go For Moisturized Curls

Wash your strands:

Lapiz starts any wash and go style by cleansing her curls. As she has low porosity curls, she understands the importance of thoroughly saturating strands with water to introduce more moisture into the curl. Once her curls are completely wet, she washes with a shampoo, but you could use whatever product you prefer. Make sure to give your scalp a good massage to remove build up or dandruff.

Condition your curls:

I think you'll find most any curly girl worth their mettle knows the importance of conditioning your curls. Lapiz is no different. Apply conditioner from your midshaft down, making sure to cover all your strands. Allow it to sit for several minutes. Rinse the conditioner out using cool water.


As wild as this sounds, Lapiz then asks you to reapply conditioner, but this time don't rinse it out. The reapplication of conditioner serves as your leave in conditioner. This helps replace any moisture lost during washing, and creates a foundation for styling. Additionally, this helps create good detangling habits so you don't damage your hair.

Detangle and style:

Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to work through knots. Make sure to avoid pulling or tugging at any knots to keep your curls from breaking. After you've finished, don't rinse out the conditioner. At this time Lapiz spends some time working on her individual curls by twirling them so they take shape. She follows by scrunching each section as she goes to help the curl keep its form.


Finally, it's time to dry your curls. As she has very long curls, Lapiz sits by a fan and allows it to do the drying work for her. If you're finding yourself short on time, you could use a diffuser, or if you have more time, allow your strands to air dry. It's important during this process not to touch your strands until they're completely dry. Your curls might have a cast from the conditioner, but if you'd like to break it you can scrunch your curls a bit after they're fully dried.

That's it! Give Lapiz's routine a try, and make sure to let us know if it works for you.

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