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Try this easy guide to the Curly Girl Method

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Try this easy guide to the Curly Girl Method


Do you struggle with curls that feel unmanageable? So many curly girls find themselves in this same situation, and end up straightening or cutting their hair. However, it doesn't have to be like that! If you're motivated to learn about your curls, we're here to help. Try this easy guide to the Curly Girl Method. By using this method, many curly girls have fallen in love with their strands again, and learned about their hair. We hope you find it useful!

Try this easy guide to the Curly Girl Method


First things first. You have to prep your strands for this method. Begin by washing your curls with a clarifying shampoo. This removes build up for a clean slate. Toss your shampoo in favor of a Curly Girl approved cowash. Do your research, and select new Curly Girl approved products, such as conditioners, gels, and stylers. Finally, book an appoint with your stylist for a good trim to remove any dead ends. Consider this your fresh start.

During this time, it's important to avoid: shampoos, heat styling, brushes, any products containing artificial ingredients, alcohols, or artificial fragrances. Your curls need an opportunity to rest and reset.

The Curly Girl Method Simplified

Washing your curls:

After prep, you're ready to get started on a wash routine. Completely saturate your curls with warm, but not hot, water and apply conditioner liberally. Use your finger tips to work the product into your scalp and through your strands, like a shampoo. Rinse the conditioner out of your scalp, and distribute through the rest of your strands to cleanse. Use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to work through any snarls or knots. Rinse with cool water, but don't completely rinse away all the conditioner.


Place product in your hands, and rub together until it emulsifies. Smooth the product into your curls using the prayer method to ensure even coverage. Working in sections is often useful. Cup your curls and scrunch upwards, to create your curl's natural pattern. Use an old t-shirt to gently press excess water out of strands without crushing the curl's shape. Place the t-shirt on a flat surface, flip curls onto it, and wrap curls in the shirt. Allow strands to completely dry before removing the t-shirt, and don't touch curls while drying.

Following The Curly Girl Method On The Cheap


Taking care of your curls going forward might look a little different than you're used to. You might need to slowly wean off of shampoo if you're been using it for a long time by mixing shampoo with your cowash. Work with a hairstylist with extensive experience and training in curl care. Make sure you're getting a trim every 2-4 months.

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