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Try The Bowl Method To Tighten Up Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're looking for a technique that will help tighten up wayward curls, consider trying the bowl method. While it does sound kind of out there, YouTuber Jannelle O'Shaughnessy swears by it. According to her, this is how to try the bowl method to tighten up curls. Follow her tips to get maximum hydration, and defined curls.

Try The Bowl Method To Tighten Up Curls

When using this method, Jannelle keeps her curls soaking wet. The bowl will capture water and product, so as to be able to reuse it, therefore cutting down on water and product waste.

Start by cleansing your curls. You can shampoo or cowash. Apply your conditioner, focusing on your ends. Leave the conditioner, in, and don't rinse it. Flip your curls over, add a shower cap, and wet plop your curls.

To start with the hydrating portion of this tutorial, grab yourself a large mixing bowl, and a cup of water. remove your shower cap. This can also be done in your shower for less mess and more ease. Take a cup of water, and pour a small amount over your head, while over the bowl. Begin squishing your curls. This will help encourage the moisture to be driven up into your tighter cuticles. This technique is great for low-porosity curly girls. Scoop the water up in your hands, and squish it into your curls. This dilutes the potency of the conditioner, without completely removing it. Continue until you don't feel the conditioner on your scalp any longer. Add water as needed. If you notice any frizz, continue squishing to force water into your curls.

Next, it's time to more onto the bowl, method. Dump what's in the bowl. While your curls are still soaking wet, add in a lot of gel. Focus on the individual curls, and squeeze the gel into your strands. You can also spray your curls down while applying the gel to help disperse the product throughout your strands. Continue scrunching, You'll notice water and excess gel will be dripping into the bowl. Mix the gel around to incorporate it into the water, and dip your curls in. This way, your curls will be evenly coated. If you have very dry or damaged curls that need extra moisture, this is a great place to wet plot your curls for a spell if needed.

Next, Janelle squeezes out excess moisture. She takes her fingertips and lifts up at her roots to keep her curls from drying flat against her head. She refers to this as “micro plopping.” All your curls to air dry until about 80-90% dry. Then, if you'd like, you can diffuse and dry root clip to help create lift at your roots. Once your curls are dry, fluff and add some styler as needed. Enjoy your gorgeous, hydrated locks!

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