Tips for diffusing your curls

While we often talk about how heat can be harmful to curls, there are times when it’s a necessarily evil. In fact, when used sparingly and appropriately, heat doesn’t have to be excessively harmful to your strands. When you’re in a bit of a rush, or it’s super cold outside, hastening the drying process by using a diffuser can actually be quite helpful. Here are some tips for diffusing your curls to help you get the most out of your hair dryer, while also keeping your curls safe.

Tip one:

Do your absolute best not to touch your curls too much while drying your strands with a diffuser (or even if you’re air drying your strands). While in the process of drying, curls are at the most risk for becoming frizzy. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure you’re keeping your hands out of your tresses. Try to use the diffuser to cup each section of curls, and don’t touch until they’re completely dried and have cooled.

Tip two:

Many curly girls struggle with creating volume or lift while drying their curls. In order to get more lift, try flipping over sections of your curls while they’re drying and focusing on drying the roots first. You can also use clips to clip at the roots of your curls to help create more lift during the drying process.

Tip three:

While plopping has been really touted as one of the best ways to get a lot of lift and volume in curls, as well as reducing frizz, it can take some getting used to to figure out your stride. Therefore, you can consider trying different ways and techniques to plop your curls. Try different products, as well as lengths of times you’re keeping your curls plopped.

Tip four:

Before hitting your curls with heat from the diffuser after washing or plopping, give yourself at least fifteen minutes. This will allow your curls some time to air dry, and it won’t be as jarring to your delicate strands. Don’t forget to use something to protect your curls from heat as well.

Tip five:

Before going to bed or heading out of the house, try to give your curls as much time as possible to cool and set. Blogger Delilah on Holistic Enchilada recommends giving your curls at the very minimum two hours to set before you hit the hay or go out for the day.

Do you have any tips you’d recommend on how to get the most out of drying your curls with a diffuser? If so, let us know in the comments.