Tips and Tricks For Caring For Low Porosity Curls

Tips and Tricks For Caring For Low Porosity Curls

Do you have low porosity curls? If so, you know there can be some struggles when it comes to caring for your strands. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are tips and tricks for caring for low porosity curls. Make sure you let us know your favorite ways you take care of your strands.

Tips and Tricks For Caring For Low Porosity Curls

Skip silicones: These will artificially fill in your strands and make it difficult for moisture to penetrate your curls.

Use heat: After applying deep conditioner, cover your curls with a plastic shower cap and apply heat. This will help soften the cuticles, and encourage moisture to retain in your curls.

Keep product minimal: As tempting as it can be, avoid slathering your curls with product. Instead, opt for intentional use with the right kind of products. You’ll save yourself money and frustration. Use the LOC method when you do apply products for optimal moisture retention.

Go lighter: When using oils on your strands. opt for a lighter type. Heavier oils can pull down your curls. Therefore, you should consider almond, avocado, or olive oil.

Clarify: Don’t skip out on clarifying your hair. Make sure you’re regularly removing product and build up, as this can prevent your curls from being properly moisturized.

Avoid heat tools: When styling your curls, skip the heat tools. These can cause significant damage to your strands that can be irreparable.

Use water: While selecting products, make sure to look for ones that feature water as one of the top three ingredients. This means that water will have a higher concentration and the product will be more hydrating for your dry strands.

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