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This Is Why Your Curl Care Products Aren’t Working

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever been excited to try a new product, only to discover it didn't work how you thought it should? If so, you're not alone! It's no secret curl care products can be very expensive, and when they don't work, this is really disappointing. While there can be times a product isn't the right fit for your hair type, it could also be This is why your curl care products aren't working. Give this article a read through, and let us know what your plan is to get your products back to doing the heavy lifting for you!

This Is Why Your Curl Care Products Aren't Working

Not all curl care products are made equal. This doesn't mean that what you're using isn't a good quality product. Rather, it means that products are designed to work differently. However, there are times when your favorite products aren't going to play nicely together. When this happens, you might notice your products aren't working the way you'd like. Instead of throwing them out, or feeling as though you need to start over, you can do a bit of experimenting to see which products are actually going to be the most effective together.

Sometimes in a rush, we'll mix a couple of products together to speed things along. This is known as cocktailing products. However, there are times when this can actually hurt the efficacy of your products. Some products have contradicting ingredients. In order to see if this is the case with your products, combine two and examine it. If you notice the products clumping up, it could be they don't mesh well together.

If you find that your favorite products aren't a great fit together, don't despair and don't toss them out! A lot of products can be used solo, or combined with different products. Instead, experiment with your products to see which work best, and try to rotate some in and out until you get a good fit. When you combine products, you should notice they're going together smoothly, without any clumping. A smooth cocktail should provide effective use and coverage for your curls. What are some of your favorite curl care cocktail combinations?

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