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The Savviest Ways To Grow Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Many curly girls express frustration because they aren't able to grow their hair as fast as they'd like. While curls do grow at the same rate as all other hair types, about 1/4″ a month, it can feel like much longer. This is because as curls grow, the strands coil back inwards. Therefore, you're finding your curls might seem like it takes forever to grow. However, there are some thing you can to help improve the health and growth of your strands. These are the savviest ways to grow your curls. Give these tips and tricks a try to see longer curls faster.

The Savviest Ways To Grow Your Curls

Eat for growth:

When it comes to your diet, this is the first step in getting curls off the ground. Curls are fueled by what you eat, and in order to grow, strands need healthy foods. A wide array of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins can help give your body the appropriate vitamins and minerals it needs in order to help fuel curl growth. Additionally, make sure you're drinking plenty of water in order to help your cells stay hydrated. Hydrated cells can regenerate faster, which means curls can grow faster.

Skip heat:

As tempting as it can br to blast your strands with your hair dryer, try to avoid heat on your curls as much as possible. When you do have to diffuse, use a low heat or the cool setting on your dryer whenever possible. Additionally, do your best to avoid using other heat tools in your curls. When you must, a heat protecting spray is crucial for keeping your strands from becoming damaged.

Take vitamins:

In order to help your curls grow, strands need the right kind of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you might have to supplement your diet to make sure your strands are getting everything necessary. To help support healthy curl growth for long hair, make sure you're regularly adding fish oil, zinc, b-complex vitamins, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin D.

Protect your hair:

Before hitting the hay, make sure you're protecting your curls with an overnight hair style or a silk pillowcase. If neither are for you, a silk cap or satin bonnet can also help prevent curls from becoming damaged. When you're headed out and about, a protective hairstyle can help ensure the overall health of your curls, especially during extreme weather conditions. In the summer, make sure you're using protective styles to help protect curls from the sun, as well as damage from the wind or chlorine.

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