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The Need To Know Curl Techniques You Should Be Trying

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Curly Techniques You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered how some curly girls out there have amazing, fabulous, and super defined curls? Odds are, they have the in on the need to know curl techniques you should be trying/ Give these techniques a go, and let us know if it works for you.

The Need To Know Curl Techniques You Should Be Trying


The Need To Know Curl Techniques You Should Be Trying


Start by washing or cowashing your curls, and apply a thick, moisturizing conditioner throughout your strands. Make sure to cover each individual curl, and then cover your strands with a plastic shower cap. You can sit under heat, or wrap your head in a warm towel and sit for 30 minutes. After, rinse your curls with cool water to remove the conditioner and close down the cuticle.


This is how you get your curls to form together. To achieve a good clump, you should apply your preferred curl defining product to your palms, and glide it through your curls to coat each strands. Work in a downward way to help your curls find their natural pattern, and to clump. This creates more definition, and minimizes frizz.

How You Could Be Messing Up Your Curls


Before hitting the hay, you'll need to pineapple your strands. This will help protect your curls while you're sleeping, and make sure they look great in the morning.  To pineapple, loosely gather your strands on top of your head, using a soft scrunchy to secure them. This will protect the inner strands from losing moisture or becoming crushed overnight. In the morning, remove the scrunchy and shake out your curls.


If you struggle to get your curls to be defined, you might want to try plopping. Take your wet curls, and apply your product throughout your strands. Lay an old tshirt down on your bed, and flip your curls over, plopping them on the fabric. This will minimize the amount of time your curls need to dry, while keeping them in their natural shape. This will also reduce the amount of frizz your curls have.


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