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The Importance Of Knowing Your Curl Type

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Whether you've been wearing your curls all youer life or you're just now beginning to understand your mane, understanding the types of curls can be incredibly useful. Have you ever thought about the importance of knowing your curl type? Many curly girls don't really give this much thought, and instead do their best to muddle through. However, understanding your type of curl can really make a difference when it comes to styling and caring for curls. This handy chart can help you figure out what your curl type is, and how best to care for your strands.

The Importance Of Knowing Your Curl Type


Give this chart a review, and see if you can figure out where your curls fall. Remember, it's entirely possible to have a couple different types of curls growing out of one head. However, the majority of curly girls will tend to fall in one category, making it a bit easier to help determine which products are right for you. Once you've figure out which strands yours most closely resemble, there are a few other considerations to help you figure out how to more effectively care for your hair.


Each head of curls has a different level of porosity, and this can impact how you style your strands, as well as what products will work most effectively for you. Give yourself a porosity test to determine if you have low, high, or normal porosity curls.


If this one sounds pretty common-sense, that's because it is. Elasticity refers to your curl's ability to snap back into place after it's been stretched out. Some things that can impact the levels of elasticity in your curls can include a serious lack of moisture, as well as damage from heat or chemical treatments. To help repair your curls, avoid using heat, straighteners, or relaxers on your curls to keep from restructuring the shape of your strands, which can break down your curls. Additionally, make sure you're adding in moisture regularly to help invigorate lifeless strands.

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