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The High Porosity Regimen You Need To Try

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Proper Way To Moisturize Curls

Do you have highly porous curls? If so, you might have already figured out there can be some difficulties in taking care of your strands. Fortunately, you can develop ways to care for your curls that will work great for you. This is the high porosity regimen you need to try. You're sure to love your curls after this.



The High Porosity Regimen You Need To Try


Highly porous curls are often very dry, and fragile. As a result, detangling can be a tricky process. Therefore, you'll need to be extra gentle with your delicate strands when detangling. Prepoo your strands with a moisturizing oil, and use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to gently, individually remove knots from your curls. A wide toothed comb also works well.

How To Care For Your High Porosity Curls


When your curls are highly porous, it's important to pre poo before washing. As a result, the oils will prevent hair from taking on too much moisture. Some great choices to coat your curls with before showering are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and conditioner.


Avoid shampooing your curls every day, as over cleansing your curls can make the strands drier. When you do wash, avoid shampoos with sulfates. Plan to shampoo once a week or less. If you're finding your curls are getting dirty between or need a refresh, you should use a cowash.


This step is hugely important in taking care of your highly porous curls. Select deep conditioners with protein, as this will help repair any damage to your strands. Select a highly moisturizing conditioner with amino acids to protect your strands.


There are a wide array of curl care treatments on the market, and not every one is suited for highly porous curls. However, there are some that works great. Use an apple cider vinegar rinse with cold water, which will help close your cuticles and leave your curls shiny. Regular protein treatments can fill in the gaps in your porous strands. Finally, heavy butters and oils can help seal your curls.

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