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The Easy Curl Routine To Transform Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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So many of us don't have the time to spend coaxing perfection out of our curls. Therefore, we need something that's going to work quickly and easily, without a whole lot of effort. This is the easy curl routine to transform your curls. Give this routine a try, and let us know if it makes your curls even more amazing.The Easy Curl

Routine To Transform Your Curls

Skip the sulfates:

If you're still using curly hair shampoos or conditioners with sulfates, you're doing yourself no favors. Ditch those harsh chemicals, and invest in some gentle cleansers. This will make your life easier overall, as great curls are made in the shower. Without sulfates drying out your strands, your hair will be softer, shinier, and easier to style.

Deep condition:

Every single curly girl needs to be using deep conditioners. This is because your curls are naturally drier, simply due to their natural shape. When you have curly hair, your natural oils produced by your scalp can't make it down your curl's shaft to provide natural lubrication. As a result, you'll need to help your strands out. Do this by adding a regular deep conditioning treatment to your curl care routine. Once a week should be good, but add in more if needed.


This is one of those instances when less is more. When it comes to stylers, try to limit the amount of product you're putting into your hair. If you're over-using product, you're actually doing your curls no favors at all. Instead, focus on figuring out 2-3 products that work really well for you and your curl type, then learning how to use them really well.Most curly girls need a leave in conditioner, curl activator or styling cream, and a gel for hold. If you start over using product, you may find that your curls develop build up more quickly, and become difficult to manage. Therefore, fall back to the old adage of less is more for better curls.

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