The Curl Routine You Need For Beautiful Type 3a Curls

The Curl Routine You Need For Beautiful Type 3a Curls

Sometimes our curly girls need a bit of help when it comes to determining how to care for their specific curl type. If you have type 3a curls, you know it can be difficult to manage your strands and to get your curls to look their absolute best. Fear no more, we have you covered. This is the curl routine you need for beautiful type 3a curls. If this routine works for you, don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know.

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The Curl Routine You Need For Beautiful Type 3a Curls


How you cleanse your type 3a curls can make a big difference in the outcome. Ditch your shampoos that contain harsh sulfates and detergents in favor of a low poo. While there will be less lather, you can be assured your curls will be cleansed without damaging your strands.


Type 3a curls can be prone to frizz, so it’s going to be important to always follow your shampoo treatment with a conditioner. Select a conditioner that is light, but high in hydration. You can also apply a deep conditioning treatment to help restore lost moisture to your curls. Make sure to select one that isn’t too heavy, or it could drag your curls down and cause your strands to hang.

Additionally, while you’re conditioning is the best time to detangle your strands. The conditioner will coat your strands, creating slip which makes it easier to remove knots or tangles.

After you’ve moisturized with conditioner, it’s important to ensure you’re introducing moisture to your curls regularly. However, you’ll also need to think about using a curl refreshing spray, which you can make or buy. A good quality leave in conditioner will also be quite effective. Make sure to select lightweight products so as not to weigh down your curls.

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Creating and maintaining styled curls is part of the struggle of being a curly girl. After you’ve rinsed away conditioner, it’s time to get your curls to clump successfully. Apply your favorite gel, mousse, or curl defining cream to your curls, by scrunching upward and cupping each section of curl. Then, you can allow your curls to air dry or use a diffuser on low heat to individually encourage each curl to form up. Avoid scrunching too much.