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The Best Way To PrePoo Your Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Best Way To PrePoo Your Curly Hair


Have you ever considered adding prepoo to your washing routine? If not, you should! Prepoo is a great way to protect your curls during the cleansing process, as well as maintain moisture. As a result, your curls will be cleansed without sustaining damage. Your strands will be easier to style, stay better hydrated, and be easier to style. What's not a love? Therefore, we're going to let you in on a curl care secret. This is the best way to prepoo your curly hair. Add this step into your wash routine, and you're sure to love the results!

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The Best Way To PrePoo Your Curly Hair

Why should you prepoo?

During the washing process, it's easy for curls to become damaged. This is because naturally curly hair is susceptible to moisture loss. Therefore, you want to give your strands every chance for success possible. Prepoo will protect your delicate curls.

Step one:

Carefully remove your curls from their protective style. Moisten strands if needed. Use your fingers to work through knots or tangles, but don't pull or tear.

Step two:

Apply an oil of your choice throughout your strands. Coconut or olive oil are great choices. For curly girls with finer strands, you might want to consider using a lightweight oil such as almond or jojoba. Apply a generous amount so your strands are completely coated.

Why You Should Pre Poo

Step three:

Divide curls into 6 even sections, and cover with a plastic shower cap. Allow the oil to sit on your strands for at least 30-60 minutes. You can also apply heat if your strands are particularly dry or damaged. If you're noticing your curls are in need of some extra TLC, you can also feel free to leave your curls covered for the entire night.

Step four:

It's time to wash! Follow your normal washing protocol for your curls. Remember, don't scrub your strands with shampoo but focus instead on the scalp. Allow the shampoo or cowash to work its way down your strands to cleanse your curls without removing the oil completely.


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