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The best tips and tricks for managing fine curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Sometimes, curly girls with fine strands feel like its difficult to take care of their strands. Fine strands often fall flat, or struggle to retain their shape. Therefore, they need a little extra help in making sure their strands look their very best. These are the best tips and tricks for managing fine curls. Give these suggestions a try, and see if they help your fine curls improve.

The best tips and tricks for managing fine curls

Evaluate your products:

Remember, not every product is made for every type of curly hair. Fine curls often need a lighter hand than other textures of curls. Therefore, the product that works for your friend with thick, curly strands might not work for you. Therefore, you need to review your curl products. Check the ingredients to make sure they don't contain anything that could harm your curls, like parabens or sulfates. Additionally, try to instead focus on purchasing products that are lightweight, or are designed specifically for wavy or fine strands instead.

Learn how to style:

Many curly girls with fine strands really struggle with achieving volume or lift at their roots. However, this means you shouldn't be applying products directly to your roots, as this will actually weigh your strands down, and can also make your roots appear greasy. When you do style, make sure you're flipping your strands over, and gently lifting at the roots to help create volume. Gently squeeze your curls to evenly distribute products, and encourage your natural shape to take hold.

Dry your curls:

Fine curls can dry flat and close to the head if left to their own devices. However, if you overdo it with the heat, that can actually be detrimental to your curls, as it can dry them out. Therefore, after you've applied your curls, you might want to think about using a bit of heat to help dry your strands. Start by plopping your curls to get them started on drying. This will also allow you to get some volume at your roots. Then, flip your head upside down, and use a hair dryer with a diffuser to dry your roots. Then, you can allow your curls to dry naturally.

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