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Taking Care Of Your Toddler’s Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Taking Care Of Your Toddler's Curly Hair


Are you the proud parent of a toddler with curly hair? If so, you've come to the right place. Taking care of your toddler's curly hair can be tricky. If you don't have curly hair, or aren't used to taking care of other people's curls, you might need some support. Luckily, we've got you covered! It doesn't have to difficult, and this routine can make it easier.

Taking Care Of Your Toddler's Curly Hair

Keep it healthy:

From the beginning, your little one's curls will need extra support. Healthy hair is easier to maintain and style; it's as simple as that. Get your little one used to you taking care of their strands and regular hair cuts from an early age.

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Use a comb:

If you're still raking a brush through your little one's curls, all you're doing is creating frizz. Therefore, ditch the brush for a wide toothed comb. Make sure to create slip with oil or conditioner before detangling to avoid harming your little one's delicate curls.

Set a routine:

Determine a day or time you can devote to a good curl care routine. For example, you might decide Sunday mornings are the day you're going to wash and style your little one's curls. Once a routine is set, stick with it. Explain each step of the process to your little one, so they understand what's going on. Determine which steps you need to follow, products you're going to use, and the style you're going to use before starting the routine to keep the time to a minimum. Steps could include: wash, condition, detangle, apply curl styling product, and styling.

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After you've washed, conditioned, and applied product, you can start working on styling your little one's strands. Work to define each individual curl, which will create the desired ringlets. Squeeze the conditioner into your curl shaft with your thumb and forefinger, then twist the curls. Allow the strands to air dry, or use a diffuser to speed the process.


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