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Taking Care Of Your Curly Kid’s Hair In Winter

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Winter is upon us. With that comes long days playing in the snow, the holidays, and cold days. However, as fun as this can be, it also means havoc for curly kid's hair. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like this! Here how you should be taking care of your curly kid's hair in winter. Follow these tips, and you'll both find your strands are much easier to manage.

Taking Care Of Your Curly Kid's Hair In Winter


Taking Care Of Your Curly Kid's Hair In Winter


While we recommend cowashing when possible, it isn't for every curly kid. However, there are ways you can protect your little one's strands. Before shampooing, make sure to prepoo with a lightweight oil. Applying oil from the midshafts down will prevent their strands from being dried out. Seek out shampoos that don't have artificial ingredients or sulfates to avoid drying out strands.


This step is absolutely critical when it comes to taking care of curly kid's hair. Ensuring you're using conditioner will make sure strands stay hydrated, create slip, as well as make styling and detangling easier. Overall, you'll both be much happier with a good conditioner on deck. After you've applied moisture to strands, make sure to seal the strands down with a sealant.

Protective styling:

Having a few protective styles in your back pocket can make taking care of curls in the winter that much easier. Things like braids, buns, and bantu knots can lock in moisture, and limit exposure to the air. Do your best to avoid allowing the curls to rub up against hats, scarves, or other rough fabrics, as this will minimize breakage.

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Skipping heat:

As difficult as it can be, it's wise to avoid heat tools during the cold months. While heat has hasten the styling process, when it's already dry or cold, it strips moisture away much more quickly. Therefore, it's important to allow enough time for curls to dry, and to be styled without heat.

Sleeping safely:

Finally,  it's important to ensure you're taking care of your curly kid's hair overnight as well as during the day. Skip the cotton pillowcases and swap them out in favor of silk or satin. Pineappling the curls will prevent strands from being crushed, and minimize moisture loss overnight. Finally, if swapping pillowcases or overnight protective styles isn't for your kid, a satin lined cap or bonnet will keep their strands safe.

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