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How To Spend Less Time Detangling Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever run your fingers through your curls only to get caught in a giant knot? Tangles and knots in curls can be super frustrating, as well as damaging to your hair. Not only are knots annoying, dealing with them can take a good chunk out of your time when taking care of your curls. Here are some tips to help you spend less time detangling your curls.

Pre poo:

Some of the worst tangles and knots can happen during the cleansing process. To avoid this, you'll want to make sure you pre poo your strands. This will allow you to lock in moisture which will keep strands from knotting up together.  You can use an oil, or create your own using conditioner and oil.

Use a protective style:

A good protective style can go a long way in minimizing damage. You can use protective styles for a few days at a time to help keep curls from knotting or tangling. We don't recommend you pull your hair super tight or leave styles in for weeks at a time, but a few days is ok.

Minimize wash and gos:

While a wash and go can be fresh and fun, it does allow room for curls to tangle. Going for days between allows for curls to become intertwined, which can lead to the creation of knots and tangles. Instead, opt to do a mid week cowash. This will allow you to freshen up your wash and go. The addition of conditioners will help keep curls hydrated and create more slip so detangling will be less of an issue.

Avoid over manipulation:

While it's an unavoidable fact that you'll touch your curls, try to avoid doing it as much as possible. Over manipulation can lead to damage, as well as knots and tangles. Try to keep your hands out of your curls once your hair is styled.

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