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Shower Mistakes That Could Damage Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever seen a girl with amazing curls and wondered just how she got her hair to look so incredible? Odds are, she knows how to wash her curls correctly! Getting great curls can be tricky and while there isn’t one particular set of rules that works for every curly girl, there are some things you might be doing that could be damaging your hair. Fortunately these mistakes are pretty easy to avoid and we’ve got some tricks to help you do better when you wash those curls.


You might be washing your curls too often. Overwashing your curls strips them of their natural oils and moisture, which can lead to dry, frizzy, tangled tresses. Try to keep your wash days to a maximum of once per week and longer (if you can) during colder months.

Using synthetic cleansers:

Some hair types can stand up to cleansers but your curls aren’t one of them. Instead of picking up a shampoo loaded with sulfates and parabens, opt for a natural cleanser instead. These types of products will work just as well and won’t strip your curls of the natural oils they need to stay hydrated.

Not cowashing:

If you’re using solely shampoo to cleanse your curls, you could be causing them more harm than good. Consider using a cowash to help cleanse your curls. This works well for most curlies to remove build up and excess oil without stripping your hair.

Not deep conditioning:

Skipping your weekly deep conditioning session can lead to bigger problems further down the road. You can pick up a deep conditioner at your local salon or box store and make sure you slather up those curls generously. Cover with a plastic cap and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes so the product can do its job. You can also apply heat to help your curl’s cuticles open and the product to more deeply penetrate your hair.

Detangling incorrectly:

We have to say, there is a right and wrong way to detangle your curls. When it comes to working out knots and tangles, the key is to never rip or tear, as this will damage your delicate strands. Instead, work through tangles individually. You can add conditioner to help create slip. Use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to manage tangles while your curls are still wet.

Not using dry shampoo:

Most curlies say the reason they wash so often is because their curls get oily after a few days. We hear you and encourage you to make friends with dry shampoo. There are many different kinds out there, so find one that works for you and spray on your roots on days you need a pick me up.

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