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Secrets to caring for low porosity curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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While all curls are amazing and beautiful, it's hardly a secret that some types can be more difficult to manage than others. In this case, it's low porosity curls. Low porosity hair can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, as they struggle to hang onto moisture. However, you don't have to feel resigned to living with this. Here are some secrets to caring for low porosity curls that will help you get the most out of your strands.

Before sealing, open the cuticles of your curls. Since your cuticles are tightly locked down, it can be hard for moisture to penetrate into your strands. Therefore, they'll need some help. Steam your curls to open the cuticle before applying a deep conditioner or moisturizing treatment. You can also use a heat cap if you don't have a steamer.

Preventing build up is important. When low porosity curls get coated with too much buildup, it can end up making the situation even worse. Instead, focus on limiting the amounts of heavy creams, oils, and silicones that you're using on your curls. Make sure to frequently clarify your curls with a cleansing shampoo or clarifying treatment to remove build up. This will allow your curls to absorb more moisture.

Use a deep conditioner to help reintroduce moisture back into your curls. Make sure to apply to freshly washed curls, and use a shower cap to help seal the moisture in. Allow it to sit for sixty minutes before rinsing out. Make sure to wash your curls with warm water to open the cuticles. Rinse with cool to seal them down again after applying moisturizing treatments.

Use lightweight, water-based treatments to infuse moisture into your curls, but avoid weighing your strands down.

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