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While there’s just about nothing better than freshly washed curls, it’s not feasible to wash one’s curls every day. Not only does it take awhile, it also can be hard on your curls to wash daily. Therefore, you’re going to need to learn some things about refreshing curly hair on your in between days. Read on to learn about how blogger Curly Enchilada recommends you can keep your curls looking fresh and great days after you’ve finished washing your strands.

Control you wash day:

The best way to have great strand every day is to make sure you’re the master of your wash day. Make sure you’re taking the time to really ensure your curls look their very best after your wash day, so your curls will be their best the rest of the week.

Protect while sleeping:

One of the primary ways your curls end up getting squashed or flattened is due to how you sleep. Therefore, it’s important to protect your curls overnight. Make sure you’re sleeping in a protective style, such as a pineapple, on a silk or satin pillowcase to give you the best start the next day.

Use a shower cap:

When you’re showering but not washing your curls you’ll want to use a shower cap to protect your strands from steaming, which can cause them to frizz up.


When you need to, you can use some water to refresh your curls. You can use plain water, or you can use a leave in conditioner to help rehydrate your curls. Flip your strands over, and spritz your strands with water. You won’t want to completely saturate your curls, but rather give them a find misting. You can scrunch upwards, and help your curls curl back up. If needed, you can also add in a bit of curl custard, gel, or serum to help your curls hold their natural shape, and minimize the amount of frizz.