Managing Tangles And Knots In Curly Hair

curly hair

For curly girls, knots and tangles can be the bane of our existence. Nothing is more annoying than trying to run your fingers through your curls only to be stopped by a mega knot. Managing knots and tangles is part of the everyday curl care of a curly girl, but that doesn’t mean it’s an enjoyable task. However, there are some steps you can take to help make your daily life easier.

Let go: If you’re determined to find and destroy every single knot or snarl, you’re going to be spending a very large amount of time on your curls. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to completely prevent every single knot from occuring. Tangles are simply a part of having naturally curly hair that you’re going to have to learn to live with to some extent.

Pay attention: If you spend little time paying attention to your hair, your curls can also suffer. Completely avoiding dealing with or managing knots can result in an increasingly worsening problem, which will become much more difficult to manage in the long term. Stay on top of your curls to make sure you’re catching small knots before they become huge tangles.

Don’t pile: Have you ever seen a shampoo commercial where the hair is piled on top of the actress’ head and screwed around? Yeah? Don’t do that with your curls. Keep your curls down and divide into sections for easier, more manageable washing.

Detangle regularly: Don’t skip this super important part of the process before jumping in the shower or styling your curls. Making sure that you’re carefully and methodically detangling will help prevent knots in the long term with minimal damage.

Use oil: Before detangling, shampooing and before styling, consider using an oil to help lubricate your curls. Adding oil into your regime will help your curls slip and slide against each other and become less likely to intertwine.

No wash’n’gos: While wash’n’gos are easy, they allow your curls a lot of freedom that they just don’t need, especially if they’re prone to snarls. While you’re working to get tangles under control, focus instead on using low maintenance protective styles to keep curls in place and from rubbing against your clothing.

Don’t touch: It’s extremely tempting to touch your curls but try to avoid it whenever possible, especially once they’re dry. Putting your fingers in your hair regularly can tangle the delicate strands, which leads to further problems down the road. When you go to bed at night wrap your curls in silk or satin to avoid them getting tangled in your sleep.

Get trims: Don’t avoid visits to the salon. Make sure you’re scheduling regular trims to get rid of dead ends and splits. The longer you go between snips, the more opportunities your curls have to get entwined.