What To Know If You Have Thin Curls

curly hair


Having curls is a dream come true for lots of girls, and often a source of envy for our friends without! However, if your curls are thin, you face some frustrations that not everyone else might have to deal with. Fine, thin curls are more prone to frizz, to falling flat and to damage, and therefore need a little extra TLC to keep them looking fabulous. Here are some great suggestions on how to keep your curls always looking amazing.

Mix it up: If your curls are looking flat and kind of blah, consider switching up your routine. Yes, the curl care routine you’ve crafted probably works amazing and we know you’ve put tons of time, as well as money into it. That doesn’t mean you need to throw it out the window and start from scratch, but you might want to consider adding in some new products, decreasing your wash days, or picking up a new deep conditioner just to give your curls a refresher.

Revisit your products: The fact of the matter is that not all curls and curl products are created equal. Some products that work well for your friends with thicker hair simply aren’t going to work as successfully for you. If your curls are constantly falling flat, consider picking up some more lightweight products, especially those designed for fine or wavy curls. Don’t forget to regularly clarify your curls as well to remove build up that could be dragging your hair down.

Embrace dry shampoo: If you haven’t already, embrace dry shampoo! It can add some volume and lift to your roots and also helps you stretch between wash days. It works by absorbing excess oil and product at your scalp which can cause hair to be weighed down. You know at some point your curls are going to fall flat, so you might as well get ahead of it!

Refresh your curls: Even curls need a rest sometimes! Treat your curls to a little rejuvenation with a detoxifying or clarifying shampoo treatment. The more products you use (including your beloved dry shampoo), the more you’re adding to your hair and scalp. A clarifying or detoxifying shampoo will remove impurities and buildup without damaging your hair. If your curls are getting flat or greasy even with regular shampoos, it might be time to clarify.