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Is It Ever Ok To Use Sulfates On Your Curls?

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Is It Ever Ok To Use Sulfates On Your Curls?


The internet is awash in information about the harm of sulfates and using them on your delicate curls. However, are sulfates really as bad as they're made out to be? Additionally, is it ever ok to use sulfates on your curls? Read on and found out!

Is It Ever Ok To Use Sulfates On Your Curls?

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While sulfates have been getting a bad rap in the natural curl care community, one stylist feels that all the negative press isn't entirely accurate. Deshawn Bullard, who founded NouriTress, argues that sometimes some sulfates can be helpful to get a thorough clean of your scalp and curls. Deshawn answers the burning question we all need the answer to: is it ever ok to use sulfates on your curls?

Regarding sulfates, Deshawn reminds us that not all curls are suitable for using sulfates. For example, if your strands are particularly dry, or already prone to breakage, you might want to skip sulfates. Sulfates can be useful as a monthly treatment, to get curls clean. After you use a sulfate based shampoo, it's important to follow up with the appropriate moisturizing treatments to ensure your strands are rehydrated properly. For example, using heat and steam to help infuse your strands with moisture can rehydrate dry curls.

Curl growth:

While using sulfates won't prohibit curl growth, Deshawn argues that never using sulfates can minimize curl growth. This is because without a proper cleansing, your scalp can become clogged. When the scalp and pores are clogged, your curls won't be able to grow. Removing build up and debris from the scalp keeps good blood flow, which encourages healthy curl growth.

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The bottom line:

Deshawn believes that perhaps the idea around minimizing sulfates came from a YouTube influencer, who claimed sulfates stripped her hair. While she doesn't recommend using sulfates every time you shampoo, she does argue that a shampoo with only 1% sulfates won't be especially harmful to your strands. She encourages readers to think about the information they're offered, and experiment to find what works for them.

What do you think, curly girls? Are you willing to give sulfates a try, or will you be sticking with your low poo and cowashes?

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