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How To Winterize Your Curl Routine

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How Can You Best Moisturize Your Curls?

We can't deny it any longer: winter is officially here. If your're noticing your curls aren't faring so well during the cold winter months, it might be time to learn how to winterize your curl routine. As the weather gets colder, the air often gets dryer. This, combined with the cold, and wear and tear from hats and scarves can be tough on strands. Give these tips a try to protect your curls during the winter and to give yourself a head start this spring.

How To Winterize Your Curl Routine


How To Winterize Your Curl Routine

Increase moisture:

If you think you're moisturizing your curls enough, you could probably do more. You should be giving your curls daily or even twice daily spritzes with a curl refreshing spray or water. This will introduce hydration to your dry strands, and help your hair retain moisture. You can also consider utilizing steam hoods or warm towels to help moisture more effectively penetrate your curl strands. Finally, don't be afraid to use a deep conditioning treatment a bit more than usual, if you're noticing your curls are especially dry.

How Can You Best Moisturize Your Curls?

Don't skip trims:

It's really tempting to hibernate at home during the cold, dark winter months and skip your visits to the salon. However, these are the months when you should be keeping up with your regular trims. Removing dead ends and splits is actually going to be good for your curls. This will enable your strands to stay healthy, and grow stronger. You won't head into the spring with curls that need to loose several inches to be healthy.

Invest in silk:

If you haven't yet, now is the time to invest in updating your hats and bedding. While really cute, wool or other knit hats and scarves can tear at your delicate strands. This can create single strand knots, or difficult to remove tangles. When your curls get caught up in clothes and twisted, it can lead to breakage. Therefore, consider buying a silk or satin lined cap. Not only will it protect your curls from the elements, you'll notice your curls aren't as flattened or frizzy when removing your cap. Finally, a silk or satin pillowcase or bonnet will make your overnight much better for your curls. Cotton wicks away moisture and can pull on strands. However, satin allows your strands to slip across the cover.

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