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How to use hair gel in your curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Many curly girls find themselves wondering if hair gel is something they should actually be using or not. Hair gel has earned the reputation of creating a crunchy, sticky mess out of your curls, and when used incorrectly, gel can absolutely hold up to the stereotype. However, there are also ways to use hair gel without it making a mess in your curls, and this is how you can do it.

So, why should you be using gel in your curls? Glad you asked. Here's what blogger Lauren for lovecurlyhair.com has to say about gel. Lauren writes: “When you apply gel to wet hair, it forms a cast around your curl strands. As your hair dries and the gel dries, this cast hardens.” While that cast is the crunchy feeling most curly girls hate, just wait. It doesn't end with the crunchy cast.

After your curls have fully dried, you can then remove the cast from your curls. After the cast is removed, your natural curl shape will shine through. You're probably asking how you can apply gel to your curls to get these amazing benefits. Here's what you can do.

Apply the gel directly to very wet curls. Do this as soon as you're out of the shower. When you apply the gel, help your curls create clumps by scrunching upwards. This will also evenly apply the product. Hang your curls forward, and work upwards.

Make sure all of your curls get a good, even coating of the gel. This will make sure your curls are all getting enough gel to help hold their natural shape. Flip your curls over, and arrange your strands into your natural shape. Allow your curls to air dry, or diffuse them. Once your curls are completely dry, allow the strands to thoroughly cool down. Then, you're going to gently scrunch your curls upwards to break the cast. This will allow your strands to loose that crunchy feeling, but also will continue to hold your curls in their natural shape.

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