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How To Tame Your Wild Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Tame Your Wild Curls


Don't get us wrong; we're all about embracing our natural curls. Without a doubt, curls are amazing, beautiful, and wild. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, there are times you might want your curls to be a little more under control. For days you want your curls to be a bit more managed, here's how to tame your wild curls.

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How To Tame Your Wild Curls

Skip washes:

First things first, skip out on washes for as long as possible. Going days between washes can help strands stay protected, as well as keep their shape. However, you can still condition your curls daily. Before hitting the hay, wet and condition your curls. This will keep your curls in shape, and encourage your strands to stay hydrated.

Apply product:

After curls have been wetted and conditioned, apply a curl controlling product. This is a good time to experiment with what product works best for your curls. You can use a gel, curl cream, or shine serum to help manage frizz and keep curls in shape. Scrunch your hands to scrunch the product into your curls. This will form your curls without crushing them. Before getting into bed, allow your curls time to air dry.

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Before hitting the hay, it's important to pineapple your strands. Make sure to use a soft cloth scrunchie, so your strands won't This will encourage your strands to stay in shape without allowing your strands to drop. You can also opt to use a silk or satin pillowcase. This will allow your curls to slip across the smooth surface of the pillow without ripping, or tearing.

Follow up:

In the morning, remove the scrunchie and gently shake your curls out. If needed, spritz your strands with some water and apply more product to keep your curls in shape. This will let your curls be beautiful for another day!


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