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How To Style Your Curly Hair To Get Amazing Volume

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Do you ever feel as though your curls don't have much volume or lift? Curly hair can be weighed down by the length of your strands. However, you don't have to deal with lack of volume in your curls. Here's how to style your curls hair to get amazing volume. Give these tips a try, and let us know what works for you.

How To Style Your Curly Hair To Get Amazing Volume


How To Style Your Curly Hair To Get Amazing Volume

Washing your curls:

Start by limiting the amount of times you wash your curls a week. Instead of daily, start skipping a day or two between. Some curly girls opt to wash only weekly. This will allow your curls time to will minimize the amount of natural oils and moisture stripped from your strands. Additionally, this allows you not to have to style your strands as often.

When you do wash, use warm water to loosen the product in your strands. Wash by massaging your scalp, gentling lifting at the roots. Allow the shampoo to wash through your strands, and after applying conditioner, rinse with cool water. Only apply conditioner to the mid shaft down. Avoid application to your roots, and leave a little bit of the conditioner in your strands to create slip.

The Curl Washing Tips You Need

Styling your curls:

After you've rinsed your curls, detangle using a wide toothed comb. Don't pull or tug at knots. Work through each one individually. Gently squeeze your curls to remove excess water. Apply your products using the scrunching method, and flip your strands upside down. Fluff your roots gently. Allow your strands to dry naturally until they're about 50% dry. Plop your curls to allow them to finish drying. This will enhance volume while minimizing frizz. Some great products to consider using as mousse, leave in conditioner, styling cream, and a finishing spray.

Next day:

After your curls have dried, you can gently fluff them at the roots. To follow up fir second or third day curls, use a dry shampoo, apply to the roots, and fluff.

Your Guide To Cowashing Your Curls

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