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How To Style Curls That Fall Flat

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Style Curls That Fall


How To Style Curls That Fall Flat

Have you ever struggled to get curls looking fabulous, only to find that they fall flat almost immediately? This can be really frustrating especially when trying to achieve a style with volume. Lots of curly types, particularly Type 2 struggle with this. When stretched or manipulated, their strands tend to loose their shape. Here's how to style curls that fall flat.

Start fresh:

Begin the styling process with curls that are freshly washed and styled. Apply your favorite curl defining and hold products to create texture. Don't forget to use a leave-in conditioner to keep moisture in. For second day curls, use dry shampoo and a refreshing spray to give curls lift and definition.  If you're styling, don't separate curls. Allow them to stay in their gel cast, which will break up anyway with styling.

Pick the right tools:

It can be tempting to rake a brush through your curls, but that's absolutely going to do your curls no favors. Toss that brush and pick up a wide toothed comb to work through snarls without damaging or disrupting your curl pattern. Things like elastic bands can also wreak havoc on curls by causing them to drop definition, or pulling or breaking delicate strands. Instead, opt for hair ties that are covered with a smooth, silky fabric so curls won't tangle. If you choose to use clips to style your hair, select wide toothed clips that won't constrict or break strands.

Take your time:

Understanding what your curls need is half the battle. For example, if you have short curls, you can probably get away with securing them with bobby pins. However, there is a correct and incorrect way to use a bobby pin. Before inserting a pin, make sure to insert groove side down, to allow it to grasp the strands. Make certain where you're inserting the pin is where you want it to be, as once it's in, it should stay in place. Removing and re-inserting curls can actually cause a lot of disruption to the curl pattern. If in need of extra security, use two pins in the shape of an X.

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