How to sleep your way to great curls

Believe it or not, wonderful curls start overnight. Before you hit the hay, it’s important to do some things to get your curls set on the right track for a great day when you wake up. Here’s how to sleep your way to great curls. Give these easy to follow suggestions a try, and let us know what you think. Don’t forget, if you have some tips to share with other curly girls, drop them in the comments.

When your curls are dry, try pineappling them. Flip your curls upside down, and moisturize them if needed. Then, you can gather them in a loose top knot, gently winding your curls around and securing them with a soft fabric hair tie, such as a scrunchie. The hair should rest on the top of your head, and maybe a bit over your forehead as well.

If you have longer hair, a pineapple might not work for you. However, you can still get a similar effect by wrapping your curls into a bun, and securing with a scrunchie. In the morning, gently remove the scrunchie and shake your hair out. You can use your fingers to lift your strands from the roots as needed, and spritz with water or a curl refreshing spray to help curls bounce back.

For those who don’t want to tie their curls up, a buff might be a good choice to help hold strands off your face. A soft buff will work similiarly to pineappling in that it’ll protect curls from being crushed, and help your strands maintain moisture overnight. Put the buff over your head, and then gently push it back so it captures as much of your curls as possible while still staying secured in place.

One tried and true way to keep your curls safe overnight and ready for action in the morning is a braid. A French or standard braid both work great. If you French braid from your scalp down, you might get more lift. However, for some, this can be an uncomfortable way to sleep, you could also do a standard braid. In the morning, shake your curls out and refresh like you would if you’d pineappled your curls.

Finally, don’t forget to swap your cotton pillowcase for silk or satin. Not only is much better for your skin, the silk won’t tug at delicate curls or wick away moisture. Your strands will be free to move across the surface of the pillow, which will keep your curls from tangling.