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How To Restyle Your Curls For Amazing Volume

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Restyle Your Curls For Amazing Volume


Have you ever gone to bed with a head full of gorgeous curls only to wake up to flattened, lifeless strands? The frustration with fallen curls leads many curly girls to wash their curls daily. Unfortunately, this can cause frizz, dryness, and difficulty styling strands. Here's how to restyle your curls for amazing volume.

How To Restyle Your Curls For Amazing Volume
Part I: Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a curly girl's best friend. It works to absorb oil, and provides extra volume to lifeless strands. It also helps add time between wash days, which is an added bonus. Dry shampoo can add volume and lift to weighed down roots, giving your hair more volume at the base.

The Dry Shampoos Stylists Love

Part II: Fix Fallen Curls

Curls can look very squished and out of shape in the morning. While we don't recommend using heat tools all the time, hitting your hair with a curling wand or iron can help revitalize and reshape errant curls. When purchasing a curling wand, make sure you select one with a barrel close in size to your natural curls. This will allow for your curls to look natural when blending in. Make sure to add a heat shield spray to your hair before styling for extra protection from damage.

Part III: Your Part

While a straight part can be chic, switching it up for a zigzag part can also enhance the volume of your second or third day curls. This will make it seem as though your hair has more volume than it actually does.

Part IV: Finish Styling

Once you've used your dry shampoo, and switched up your part, you can finish your ends. Some curlies find it beneficial to use an oil or a shine spray to help smooth down errant strands. You can put some oil on your finger tips to smooth down any strands that might be sticking up or need an extra boost. For curls that are prone to static or flyaway, you can use a light hold hair spray to hold those strands in place.


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