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How To Refresh Your Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Refresh Your Curly Hair


I often meet curly girls who insist they absolutely must wash their curls daily. We do our best to let them know, that just isn't true! There are lots of ways to make sure your curls look great for several days after a wash. Refreshing them can extend the life of your wash for up to a week. Here's how to refresh your curly hair. Give these tips a try. Your curls will thank you for it.

How To Refresh Your Curly Hair


After you wake up, remove your curls from the pineapple, or take off your silk cap. Give your curls a good shake, as your strands have been confined all night. Flip your head up and down a couple of times to let your strands go.

How To Keep Curls Fresh All Week


If you like working with your hands, this technique is for you. Moisten your hands with water and apply a few drops of your favorite essential oils to help perk your curl back up. Scrunch your curls to help revive any strands that may have been flatten or fallen throughout the night. Make sure to give your scalp a good massage with your fingertips as well.

The Essential No Frizz Solutions For Curls


There are days when a simple scrunch and go just isn't going to cut it. This could be after you've had your curls tied back, or even if you're reaching the end of your wash. Fill a water bottle with distilled or filtered water, and add in 10 drops of your favorite essential oils. We like lavender or chamomile for its soothing effects. Peppermint and tea tree encourage a healthy scalp, while perking up your curls by increasing blood flow. You can also incorporate a few tablespoons of your favorite leave in conditioners.

Shake the bottle to blend the ingredients and spritz it throughout your strands. Don't saturate your curls, but make sure all the strands are getting covered. After applying the spray, gently squeeze and scrunch curls to reshape strands. Make sure to spend time massaging your scalp as well.

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