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How to pump your curls back up

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When you curls fall flat, it can be really difficult to bring volume back. However, washing every day isn't an option for every curly girl. If you prefer to skip days between you washes, you might need to know how to pump your curls back up. Give these easy techniques a try, and you're sure to love your curls even more!

How to pump your curls back up

Get a good haircut:

If you're still hanging onto dead ends because it offers you length, it's time to give your curls a break. Schedule an appointment with your curly hair specialist stylist, and indulge in a great haircut. A haircut can remove dead ends, and allow your natural volume to pop back up. Additionally, a good haircut that removes excess length, and adds in layers will really make your strands pop.

Plop and dry:

One of the best ways to get your curls volumized is to start with the beginning. After showering, plop your curls. This technique piles curls on top of your head while also holding them in their natural shape. This means your roots will be able to be lifted while drying in your natural shape.

When you do need to dry your curls, consider flipping your strands upside down, and using a diffuser to target your roots. This will allow your strands to dry evenly, and give your strands more volume throughout your hair. Take you time to focus on each individual curl and area to make sure your strands are being evenly dried.

Use product:

Sometimes, it's easy to skip out on product if we're in a rush. However, your curls need product to really be there best. For those with flatter strands, you might want to consider grabbing some root lifting product. Apply it directly to your roots while your curls are wet, and then allow it to have time to dry completely. When you do choose products, make sure you're utilizing lightweight products that are better for fine curls, as opposed to heavier products that might drag down your strands.

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