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How to make fine curls look fuller

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If your strands are fine, you might sometime wish for more volume or lift. Fine curly hair can often fall flat and needs some extra support to obtain bigger heights. However, it can be achieved. Here's how to make fine curls look fuller. Give these suggestions a try, and see if you can give your strands the volume you crave.


If you've noticed your products just aren't working, or your curls aren't springing up, it could be time for a good clarifying session. Clarifying your curls every 6-8 weeks removes product and oil buildup, allowing your strands to pop back up. Remember not to over clarify, as this can strip moisture and natural oils from your strands.

Skip heavy conditioners:

While fine and wavy curls do still need conditioning, hitting them with heavy duty conditioners made for thicker hair types can have an adverse impact on your strands. Instead, utilize a lightweight conditioner instead to introduce moisture into your strands. You can occasionally use a heavier conditioner when it comes to deep conditioning, but try to avoid those for daily use. When you use a leave in conditioner, make sure its lightweight and water based.

Focus on roots:

Whether you're already utilizing a volumnizing product or not, now is the time to take a good look at what you're using, and focus on the roots. You can use clips to give a boost to flat curls by clipping them so the hair is lifted. Additionally, you also try applying root lifting products before drying your curls upside down to give more lift.

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