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How To Love Your Second Day Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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To Love Your Second Day Curls

Curls almost always look amazing on the very first day. However, once you go to bed and wake up in the morning it's annoying to find your curls are flattened or frizz. However, you don't have to give up on having great second day curls! Here's how to love your second day curls. Give these awesome tips a try, and let us know if it works for you.

How To Love Your Second Day Curls

Learning To Love Your Curl Type

Start with a great style:

It's important to spend time on your curl care routine and that your curls are set in place. Use good styling products and make sure your curls are completely dry before hitting the sheets.

Moisturize before sleep:

Before you hit the hay, make sure you moisturize your strands. Curly hair is often dry hair, and therefore it'll need an extra boost before you head to bed for the night. Use a light leave in conditioner, curl refreshing spray, or even plain, filtered water in a spray bottle to spritz your strands.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Curls Healthy

Use satin:

Second day curls are made overnight. Therefore, you need to protect your delicate strands before you head to bed. Wrap your strands in a silk or satin scarf or cap before going to sleep. If you aren't the cap type, you can consider using a silk pillowcase. This will keep moisture from being stripped away while you sleep, as well as keeps curls in shape. If you don't want to wear a cap, you can also pineapple your curls to keep them from being crushed while your sleep.

Don't over manipulate:

Bantu knots and or twists can be hugely helpful in reviving second day curls. Working in sections will allow you to focus on the individual curls that need to be refreshed. However, it's imperative to not over stretch or over manipulate your strands. This can have the opposite of the desired effect and cause more harm to your curls. When you are working with your second day curls, make sure to do so only on dry curls, and try to minimize the amount of touching you do. This will help decrease frizz and keep your curls from dropping.


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