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How To Keep It Simple On Wash Day

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Keep It Simple On Wash Day


Wash days can be very time consuming. It's easy to get caught up in a regimen with lots of steps. Therefore, it's important to take a step back and think abut how to keep it simple on wash day. You'll save yourself time, money on products, and your curls will still look great.

Your Weekly Curl Care Routine

How To Keep It Simple On Wash Day

Wide toothed comb:

When it comes time to detangle, a wide toothed comb is your new best friend. This allows you to work gently through individual tangles. Don't forget to create lots of slip with conditioner or a detangling product. Detangling also works best when your curls are completely saturated, so in the shower is the ideal time to do this.

Water based conditioner:

After you cleanse your curls, slather on a good quality water based conditioner. It's important to reintroduce moisture that might get lost during the cleansing process. You can also use this conditioner to help create slip and remove knots.


Before jumping in the shower, use an oil to prepoo your curls. Prepoo softens curls, making it easier for a cleanser to work. It also minimizes the amount of moisture lost during the washing process. Olive oil makes a great choice, as it's lightweight formula won't weigh down curls, or leave strands looking greasy.


After curls have been completely washed, and conditioned, it's time to dry your strands. Use your hands to gently remove excess water by squeezing your strands. After you've applied product, you can also use an old tshirt or microfiber towel to finish the drying process. Plop curls, or use the towel to squeeze curls in an upward motion. This will remove excess water, and allow curls to begin drying.

The Secret Rules Of Great Curls


Since it can be a few days between your wash days, you'll also want to consider refreshing curls between. This will help make sure your strands aren't damaged by loss of moisture. You can do this by spritzing curls with a water bottle, or using a leave in conditioner on dry strands.



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