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How To Hydrate Curls For Soft, Feathery Strands

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Do you ever feel as though your curls are dry and rough to the touch? If so, you might find yourself needing to spend some time hydrating your strands. If your curls are allowed to become very dry, this can lead to your strands being difficult to manage. Therefore, you're going to want to start hydrating your curls. Here's how to hydrate curls for soft, feathery strands. Follow these tips and your curls are sure to be softer, and easier to manage.

How To Hydrate Curls For Soft, Feathery Strands

How To Hydrate Curls For Soft, Feathery Strands

If you have natural, tightly coiled curls, you already know how difficult it can be to properly hydrate your strands. The tightness of the curls makes it difficult for natural oils to work their way down your strands. Natural oils provides lubrication and protection against breakage. Therefore, your stands need extra help.

Know your products:

To get started, make sure you're fully understanding what's in your curl care products. Moisturizing ingredients will help curls absorb and retain moisture. Hydrating ingredients will infuse your strands with hydration, so having the two work in tandem is ideal. When you are purchasing or using products, make sure to avoid things with drying ingredients. These can include silicones, sulfates, parabens, alcohols, and artificial fragrances. It's best to opt for natural or organic ingredients in your curl products whenever possible. This will ensure your curls will receive hydration and moisture without being further damaged.


Once you know what's in your products, it's time to hydrate your curls correctly. Search for a product with humectants, which will draw water to your curls from the air. You can hydrate your curls with a good leave in conditioner, or even by spritzing strands with water. Once this is completed, you'll need to follow up with a moisturizer. A moisturizer locks the hydration in by helping seal down your cuticle. This means the hydration you've worked so hard to achieve won't get sucked back out into the environment.

You can also opt to use a LOC method, or even LCO if you're feeling like your curls could benefit from an extra boost of hydration. Finally, don't be afraid to treat your curls! While straight water is fine for spritzing your curls, you can jazz it up by adding rosewater, aloe vera gel, or essential oils. This will help enhance the potency of the water, and ensure your curls are healthy.

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