How To Help Your Curls Resist Humidity

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Before long, summer will be here, and with it comes humidity.  Therefore, you might need some tips to help keep your curls from becoming a poofy mess. Here’s how to help your curls resist humidity. Give these suggestions a try, and let us know if we can help!

How To Help Your Curls Resist Humidity

How To Help Your Curls Resist Humidity

Have a good wash routine:

Humdity resistant curls start in the shower. Make sure you’re washing your strands first with warm water to break up debris, and then after you’ve shampooed and deep conditioned, rinse with cool water to close your cuticle back down. Make sure you’re still washing with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in order to allow your strands to retain as much moisture as possible. This will help your strands retain moisture, which is the first step to stopping frizz.

Apply the right product:

Many curly girls become tempted to slather on the product to stop frizz. However, this can end up working against you. Instead, make sure you’re applying the correct product in the right amount. Start with a moisturizing leave in conditioner, and then apply a product that features humectants. This will help prevent your strands from seeking more moisture from the air. This is what leads to frizz.  You might also want to consider sealing your strands with a lightweight oil to assist in keeping moisture locked in. Finally, after you’ve dried your strands, you can apply a smoothing balm to the ends.

Dry it correctly:

During the warmer months, it’s much easier to air dry your curls. However, when you allow your strands to air dry from sopping wet, your strands might become frizzy. Instead, squeeze excess water from your hair until it’s about 50% dry. Plopping is a great technique to help keep your curls in place without allowing them to become affected by humidity.

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