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How to get great curls when diffusing

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever grabbed your diffuser and stuck it in your curls, only to discover a mess of frizzy strands after? If so, you might need this guide on how to get great curls when diffusing. Diffusers are fantastic tools for helping to dry curls evenly, as well as create more volume. However, when not used correctly, they can lead to more problems than they're worth. Follow this guide to help make your diffuser work for you. Don't forget to share your tips and tricks for other curly girls in the comments.


Before you start blasting your curls with a diffuser, you want to wait. Make sure you're spending some time after you wash your strands to remove excess water, as too much water in your strands can cause damage. It's going to take about 15-30 minutes to allow your strands to rest before you start using your diffuser.

Start with roots:

In order to get the best amount of volume and lift, start with diffusing your roots. Make sure to focus on using the diffuser to lift your roots gently, and use low heat to slowly and carefully dry your strands. Push the diffuser into the scalp, and then gently upwards. Wait until your curls are fully dry before moving on to another section.


While working on drying your curls, avoiding flipping your head over completely. Instead, rotate around your strands. Focus on one area and section at a time to gently diffuse your curls, making sure each strand is carefully dried before moving on to others. Flip, dry, and then move on to another section. This will allow you to really focus on your individual curl patterns.

Manage frizz:

While you're drying, you might notice frizz popping up here and there. If you notice that happening, you can use your fingers and some water to smooth down the individual curls while you're diffusing. You can also use a bit of a curl smoothing balm or serum if needed.

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